Viktorija Gordejeva was born in Latvia in 1985. Having grown up both next to the sea, her love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Viktorija has always been fascinated by the beautiful environments surrounding her and the manner in which she could reflect it in her own work. Naturally, she was drawn to representational art. 

The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her studies in Jāņa Rozentāla Art School and the Academy of Art in Latvia. After completing her studies there, Viktorija delved into both performance (music and theater) and visual art practice at Normandale Community College. This experience helped her shape a strong appreciation for storytelling through images, plays, and music.

In recent years, Viktorija decided to expand her understanding of the world and travel around Asia and the U.S. The images she took during her trips, were only part of the narrative, a small aspect of a bigger story which later served as an inspiration for her work. She likes to reflect on her perspective of reality she experienced when painting memories of places she visited. She finds this process both comforting and healing as it allows for more reflection and meditation. She hopes that her art can convey a sense of harmony and a moment of stillness to the audience as they view her work. 

Viktorija has also trained as a teacher, specializing in English and art education. She teaches children of various age in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that she has for art. Alongside teaching, she is also pursuing to publish her first children’s picture book.

Viktorija currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China, surrounded by lakes and beautiful scenery.